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  • America is divided by race
  • Black Americans are born into the lowest earning percentile and remain there until age 40
  • Most Black kids are downward mobile
  • Black wealth barely exists
  • Most Black families are headed by a single female parent
  • Black students attend lower quality schools

As a result Black Americans are caught in a Vocational/Professional American Black Death Trap. They have poor job opportunities, health, food, clothing, shelter, and no government affirmative action programs for Black students.  


  • Scholarships
  • Economic development grants
  • Advanced training for African Americans
  • Advanced training for Africa’s business persons
  • and educators
  • A means to encourage Americans to invest and travel to Africa
  • Collection centers to collect math and science textbooks, journals, and equipment for African Schools

We will donate $5.00 or more to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Join us in supporting the advancement of colored people. Your donation will help ensure urban youth receive an opportunity to advance their future. Help empower young people and change troubled teens. Any donation about is appreciated!

AAAFSEED has already:

  • Sent 100 new tablet desks to Dr. Martin Luther King’s Girls Junior High School in Dakar, Senegal purchased from the
  • University of Michigan-LS&A
  • Presented Economic Proposals at International Conferences Dakar, Senegal
  • Established A Sister City between Dakar, Senegal and the City of Ann Arbor
  • Planned a collection centers for high school and college textbooks and equipment
  • Sent 25,000 new textbooks to schools in Nigeria
  • Planned a Family Exchange Program
  • Had 300 dresses designed and sewn for little girls in Africa
  • Collaborated with African Businesses to market their products in US stores
  • Contributed to Tsunami Relief and Katrina Victims
  • Proposed a water well drilling project in rural Africa

You can help advance education and job opportunities for African-Americans and Africans by being part of this cause. Your donations help support black advancement. Science and technology training can make a difference.  

Refund Policy: Thank you for your gift. At this time, we are unable to provide refunds.

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